House of Commons

House of Commons

Success Story: House of Commons

Dominic Woodbridge is an administration apprentice working for MP Sajid Javid, who during a recent reshuffle has been promoted to the position of Economic Secretary to the Treasury.

“I completed my ‘A levels’ in 2011 and engaged with Hawk Training prior to my exams as I was keen to progress into employment via an Apprenticeship on leaving school, rather than going to University.

I am passionate about Apprenticeships and the opportunities they represent. My first three months were spent being introduced to the Parliamentary calendar and associated deadlines. I have visited the constituency on several occasions to gain a clear understanding of the environment and the people Sajid represents. I am responsible for the management of request for appointments with Sajid. As soon as his promotion was announced, his diary commitments and requests for meetings with him quadrupled. 

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