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Written by Suzannah Hale
on May 21, 2020

We are currently living through unprecedented times as the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is felt not just across the UK, but right across the world.

For many, Coronavirus has brought about massive job uncertainty with more than one in three 18 to 24-year-olds earning less than before the outbreak, research by the Resolution Foundation claims.

It has raised concerns about job security, furlough and redundancy. Here at Hawk Training we just want to share a reassuring message in this time of uncertainty.

Apprenticeship programmes are designed to support the economy and provide a modern, skilled workforce. We believe that apprenticeships will be a way for young people to begin rebuilding their careers and get back into work in the post-pandemic era.

At Hawk, we have encouraged out learners to keep learning and continue with their apprenticeship, even if they are on furlough. We’ve seen a massive uptake of our online delivery and we’ve opened up our workshops and resources to all learners so that they receive high-quality training and support to complete their apprenticeships at a time of uncertainty for many.

It's also important to remind employers of the apprenticeship scheme. There is a levy scheme in place to fund workplace training, and funding for smaller organisations who aren’t levy paying employers. Read more about the levy here. Apprenticeships can fill skills gaps that may occur after the Coronavirus pandemic, and enable employers to enhance succession planning and source future managers and leaders from within.


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