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Written by Izzy Clarke
on October 13, 2021

Here at Hawk we understand the challenges that learners face when it comes to managing time for off-the-job learning.  Whilst on an apprenticeship programme, it is mandatory for learners to complete 20% off-the job learning. We spoke to some of our current learners to find out how off-the-job learning benefits them:

  • By having protected time to do your apprenticeship work it allows for better time management meaning that learners feel less overwhelmed.
  • Learners are able to give 100% of their focus to their apprenticeship work without having to worry about falling behind with their job.
  • It is easy for a learner to get help from their manager with their apprenticeship work if required as it is completed during working hours so the support is available.
  • Helps to maintain work-life balance as learners don’t have to complete work outside of working hours.
  • Off-the-job learning allows learners to have time to reflect on their learning and activities, making them more efficient in the tasks that they perform.

Orkide & Saoirse


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