Apprenticeship Standards Length Increased for EPA

Alex Rincon | 25/04/18

We are certain that you are as excited with the introduction of the apprenticeship standards that will replace the apprenticeship framework structure as we are.

The standards for all programmes will be released in the next couple of years up to 2020 but we have already been thinking of ways to make the delivery of these much easier and more productive.

The first course of action that we will take will be to increase the programme duration of the released standards by 2 months. The additional 2 months will be put in place to allow a decent amount of time for the End-Point Assessment to take place.

Having increased the overall length does not mean that the programme length will change as the 2 months will only serve as a gateway for the EPA. This means that 12 month programmes will be 14 months’ total duration but the programme will still be delivered in the first 12. 24 month programmes will be 26 months total duration with the programme still being delivered in the first 24 and so on.

If you are unsure about how this will work or affect you or your organisation please contact us and we will be happy to answer any queries.

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