Hawk Training Campaign and National Apprenticeship Week 14th-18th March 2016

Annalisa Deufemia | 12/01/16

Hawk Training Campaign and National Apprenticeship

Hawk Training is launching a campaign at the end of January in order to raise awareness of the benefits of Apprenticeships to individuals and employers. The campaign is titled ‘Hash Tag Social Media’ and will consist of our apprentices/employers uploading a suitable selfie or company logo to one of our social media channels and tagging Hawk Training with our specific hash tags. If you would like to get involved, please email Ella Sunley, Youth Engagement Officer- Eleanor@hawktraining.com.

The campaign will not only raise awareness of Apprenticeships but can also attract people to your social media channels via joint promotion. This is a fantastic lead up towards National Apprenticeship Week from 14th-18th March. National Apprenticeship Week celebrates the positive impact that Apprenticeships have on individuals, employers and the wider economy and is an excellent opportunity to showcase success. If you would like to get involved in events, celebrations or any of the above with Hawk Training, please contact Annalisa Deufemia, on 020 8891 0992 or email annalisa@hawktraining.com

 Select the link below to view last year’s National Apprenticeship Week 2015.



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