Thinking about your child’s future? What about an apprenticeship?

Annalisa Deufemia | 5/05/16

Thinking about your child’s future

Your son or daughter is due to finish school this summer and it’s time to start considering the options available to them. You may already know that the law requires your child to stay in education or training until at least their 18th birthday – but did you know this includes Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are a great way to:

  • Earn a salary, average starting salaries at £14k pa
  • Learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications (including English, Maths and ICT)
  • Gain valuable work experience and get on the first step of the career ladder ahead of the graduates
  • Avoid getting into thousands of pounds of debt to come out with a qualification that does not guarantee a job
  • Gain work experience and a qualification BEFORE going to university or doing a degree level apprenticeship!

Choosing an apprenticeship route doesn’t mean your child can’t progress to university later on in life, if they want to. Some apprenticeships can provide a progression route on to a degree programme.

Many companies are looking for bright school/college leavers and experience is a key benefit for recruiting employers. Apprenticeships are no longer considered as second best to university; with thousands of apprenticeship options available, there are lots of exciting apprenticeship schemes to choose from

There are no formal entry requirements to start most apprenticeship programmes; this includes GCSE’s in maths and English. If your son or daughter does not have GCSE’s in maths and English, Hawk Training can support them improve their maths and English via Functional Skills up to level 2.

Why not let us help you weigh up the options and come along with your son or daughter to one of our open house events where you can

  • Get some sound advice without any obligations
  • Meet some of our own apprentices
  • Find out more about our ‘Ofsted Outstanding’ apprenticeships

For more information on apprenticeships and opportunities for your son or daughter, please contact us today on 020 8891 0992 or via the Contact Us form.

Click on the links below to book on to our open days:

28th June from 6pm-8pm – Location: Hawk Training, Twickenham

Other dates available upon request. 

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