Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion: The Learner Experience Forum 2023

On the 12th of September we had the privilege of hosting Hawk Training's yearly Learner Experience Forum!

It was a fantastic event that we hope resonated as much with our attendees as it did with us.

The day was filled with meaningful discussions, engaging activities and fabulous presentations from our guest speakers.

Our first guest speaker was Daisy Hooper, Head of Policy and Innovation at CMI (Chartered Management Institute). Daisy's session, titled 'Delivering the Everyone Economy,' provided insightful statistics on the current lack of inclusivity and shed light on CMI's efforts to address this issue.

Next, we had the privilege of hearing from Susanna Lawson DipIoD, the Co-founder of both the Circle of Trust and OneFile. Susanna shared her personal journey of navigating inclusivity challenges in her career and explored the vital distinctions between reality, equality, equity, and justice.

Isa Mutlib FIEP, Assoc CIPD, an Award-Winning Director of Careers Camp, enlightened us with his session on 'Inclusion as Learners.' Isa provided valuable insights into how inclusivity manifests in our everyday lives and technology.

Our final speaker of the day was Jasmine Martins, a former learner of Hawk Training. Her remarkable journey from apprentice to a Government, Policy, and Politics specialist, presently serving as the Labour Group Office Research Officer at Islington, left us all inspired. Jasmine candidly shared her personal experiences in tackling inclusivity challenges in her line of work.

At the heart of the forum lay the theme of inclusivity. Throughout the day it was clear that inclusivity was not just a buzzword but a powerful principle capable of transforming lives.

The forum involved an exchange of ideas and perspectives, challenging our assumptions and broadening our comprehension of inclusivity. It featured engaging team activities, thought-provoking discussions, and valuable insights from Stephanie Taylor, Welfare, Safeguarding and Inclusion Lead at Hawk Training, on the extensive support available to our learners throughout their apprenticeships.

Our attendees represented various sectors, including management, improvement standards, early years, and business administration. It was fascinating to witness how the theme of inclusivity took on different dimensions for each learner, depending on their specific sector.

Participants praised the event's well-structured programme, describing it as "insightful" and "thoughtfully designed."

Feedback from participants included:

  • "What I have learned today has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. I now possess a clear vision of diversity, inclusion, and equality, along with practical ways to implement these principles in my life and my job, to ensure that people feel included and can enjoy their lives to the fullest."
  • "It was a truly wonderful experience. I had the opportunity to meet fantastic individuals who are deeply passionate about making a positive difference. I acquired new skills and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with all of you. Thank you!"
  • "Overall, I found the day to be incredibly insightful and meticulously planned."

We would like to extend our gratitude to CMI for their support in hosting this event, and to all of our guest speakers and our fabulous learners who attended.

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Stay tuned as we continue to make a difference in the sector and support others. Big things are coming from Hawk Training!