Realising Potential through Apprenticeships: Amy Atkin's Journey with Hawk Training

Embarking on an apprenticeship can be a transformative experience, offering a blend of real-world application and structured learning that traditional educational pathways might not provide. Amy Atkin, currently completing a Level 2 Customer Service Apprenticeship with Hawk Training while working at Entain, shares her inspiring journey and the profound impact it has had on both her professional and personal life.

Inspiration to Pursue an Apprenticeship
Amy was driven to apply for an apprenticeship to gain deeper insights into her role and to prepare herself for future managerial positions. "I applied for an apprenticeship to give me more in-depth knowledge of the job I was already doing. This apprenticeship has not only boosted my confidence in my job role but in my personal life as well," Amy explains.

Acquiring Valuable Skills
When asked about the most valuable skill she's acquired, Amy highlights the importance of seeking assistance. "Not being afraid of asking for help has been a significant step for me. As a stubborn Scorpio who suffers from dyslexia, I've learned to confidently tackle a lot of writing. At school, I always struggled, but here at Hawk Training, my tutor has been a lifeline, providing me with the right tools to succeed."

The Hawk Training Approach
Amy finds Hawk Training's flexible approach to learning particularly beneficial. "Being able to do all work tasks on my own time is where I thrived. I was never able to sit in a classroom and leave feeling I had learned something new, so being able to work on my own initiative was a big win for me," she states.

Balancing Work, Study, and Personal Time
Managing her time effectively has been crucial for Amy, especially working in the dynamic environment of a shop. "I found doing tasks during quiet spells at the shop was when I could get most of my work done. I had a notebook filled with all my tasks answers, and when I got time on the PC, I would sit there until that task was finished. I always made sure that my work was done before I enjoyed my personal time," she advises.

Advice for Prospective Apprentices
For those considering an apprenticeship, Amy's advice is straightforward and encouraging: "Go for it, what really has anyone got to lose?"

Amy's experience at Hawk Training underscores the unique benefits of apprenticeships—real-world relevance, tailored support, and the flexibility to learn at your own pace. Her journey illustrates how apprenticeships can not only enhance job skills but also foster personal growth and confidence.

We hope Amy’s testimonial inspires many to consider the pathways that apprenticeships offer. Whether you’re looking to advance in your current role or pivot to a new career, Hawk Training is here to support your ambitions.


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