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Apprenticeships after COVID-19
End Point Assessment
30 years of outstanding delivery in the world of vocational learning and development
Written by Suzannah Hale
on April 03, 2019

 As of the 1st April, the way your apprenticeships are funded has changed. For all new apprentice starts from Monday April 1st you (non-Levy paying employers) will only pay 5% of the cost of apprenticeship training. The government will fund the remaining 95% (this is called co-investment). 

 Watch our short video about the changes here: 


Non-levy funding


It is also important to remember how easy it is to receive extra funds from another Levy paying employer who is not using all of their funds. Employers who pay the apprenticeship Levy and have unused Levy funds can find employers who want to receive a transfer of up to 25% of their annual funds. 


Any questions about apprenticeships, your Levy or transferring funds?

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Apprenticeships Hawk is 30

30 years of outstanding delivery in the world of vocational learning and development

By Crawford Knot, Managing Director of Hawk Training