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Written by Susan Simei-Cunningham
on December 04, 2020

This autumn Hawk Training launched a series of events targeted at its learners called the 'Learner Experience Forum'. These forums were designed to provide Hawk Training with an opportunity to garner feedback from one of our most important stakeholders.

These learner forums, originally scheduled to be launched in April at CMI’s London headquarters, were affected by the first COVID lockdown period, so were, therefore rescheduled for this autumn.

In addition, due to COVID 19, the forums, which were originally going to be delivered on a face to face basis, were transformed to online events. We welcomed learners from either a Leadership and Management, Early Years, Business Administration or a Supply Chain and Warehousing background

Partner organisations such as CMI, Buildbase and Co-operative Childcare made valuable contributions. CMI shared the results of its recently published research called Management Transformed: Managing in a Marathon Crisis, which explored the extraordinary challenges and new ways of working that emerged in 2020.
Co-operative Childcare provided valuable information on the value of apprenticeships in nurseries and how they make an impact within an early years settings.
In addition, Buildbase provided an insight into how they are engaging with apprenticeships, it's progression routes and how the sector is being impacted by the pandemic.

During the forums, the learners were also treated to a variety of talks and speeches by former apprentices who shared their experiences of how their learning both on and off programme has impacted their outlook in terms of their career and in everyday life. Learners from Merton Council, Hounslow Council and Xerox all agreed to share their knowledge of the end point assessment, study tips, and the pressures of learning and working remotely with the attendees.

The attendees returned to work, better informed, knowledgeable about how to tackle the pressures of an apprenticeship during COVID and as well being motivated in the knowledge that they have made the right learning choice. *


Hawk would like to extend its gratitude to the learners who spoke eloquently and fluently about their apprenticeship experience.

  • Shahina Chowdhury – Merton Council
  • Georgina Roberts - Xerox
  • Nina Johal – Hounslow Council


Hawk would like to say thank you to

  • Andy Rowley - Learning and Development Manager, Buildbase
  • Sue Wright – EPA Partnership Manager, CMI
  • Daisy Hooper – Head of Policy and Public Affairs, CMI
  • Claire McCarthy - Learning and development Manager, Co-op Childcare

* based on feedback gained during the day.

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